LaReddola Lester & Associates, LLP

La Reddola, Lester & Associates recently represented two doctors, who were alleged to be investors in a corporation and were accused of diverting assets from one corporation to another in an attempt to defraud their investment partner. 
As the allegations against them were completely  false and without merit, our firm filed a motion to dismiss the complaint.  Hon. Joseph Farneti, J.S.C. found in favor of Defendants and dismissed the complaint in its entirely against Defendants.  (Rubenstein v. Bernardini, et al).
In a recent favorable decision in Supreme Court, Bronx County wherein we represented a 50% owner in a  property in Bronx, New York.  The other 50% owner tried, through quitclaim deed, to transfer 100% of the property interest, to which she only owned 50%. 
Our clients moved the court to add, among other causes of action, fraudulent conveyance and preliminary injunction, enjoining defendants from terminating an existing tenancy at the property.
Hon. Wilma Guzman, J.S.C. granted Plaintiff both the ability to amend the complaint to add the fraudulent conveyance cause of action, as well as the preliminary injunction.
In addition, one of the defendants was ordered to pay plaintiff $77,545.50, as well as continuing to make all payments of taxes, water and insurance going forward at the property. (Randazzo v. Kovacevic, et al.)

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