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County ordered to commence, within 30 days, a due process hearing on the return of confiscated rifles and shotguns; burden is on the County and not on the gunowner.  See Panzella v. County of Nassau


Reform to Anonymous 311: There is an effort to enact reform to the anonymous 311 complaint process in NYC to screen out repeated anonymous unfounded complaints. The Legislation is sponsored by Minority Leader Steven Matteo and deserves the support of both owners and builders. A location may be designated as “harassed” on the 311 database, if the property is the subject of three or more unfounded complaints in six months. This would assist the Building Department in accessing the merits of the complaint prior to assigning investigators, and would be a great help at OATH review. While 311 is the world all contractors now live in, it would be a help to recognize that some complaints can be misused to harass.

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