At La Reddola, Lester we believe that skilled representation can only arise from a solid understanding of your goals, aspirations and concerns.  When you come to our offices, regardless of the legal problem you may be facing, we will first take the time to get to know you.  We believe in building relationships with our clients in addition to constructing legal arguments that defend their rights and promote their best interests.

More than just a poem by Red Steagall, "Ride for the Brand" has developed into our firm philosophy.  As your attorneys, we ride with you through good times and bad. 

Ride for the Brand 

His skin looked like leather,
He walked with a limp 
And talked with a slow Texas drawl. 
His knuckles were knotted, 
His left thumb was gone, 
Said a stud bit it off last fall.

We knew he was lyin' 
We watched him dally it up, 
But it ain't healthy to call him a liar. 
It was Saturday night 
Before the wagon went out 
And he was settin' this new kid on fire.

Now we've all heard his stories 
'Bout places he's been - 
We all think that Jake's pretty strange. 
He looked over at me 
Said "I'm schoolin' this boy 
'Bout the unwritten laws of the range"

The kid was enthralled,
Kinda like a trance, 
Jake sensed that he had a good grip. 
He straightened up, hitched his pants, 
Took a drink of cold beer; 
Turned around with his hand on his hip.

He said, "Son, a man's brand 
Is his own special mark 
That says this is mine, leave it alone. 
You hire out to a man, 
Ride for his brand 
And protect it like it was your own."

He said, "Mr. Waggoner 
Come out here in 1903, 
This country was sagebrush, mesquite trees 
and sand 
He carved him a ranch 
Outa blood; sweat, and guts, 
So be proud that you ride for his brand.

If you hire out to string barb wire, 
Then build him a fence- 
Don't matter if it's four or five strand. 
Remember it was you 
Who asked for the job, 
So don't bitch when you ride for this brand.

Mr. Waggoner don't 
Hold with complainers,

He'll fire one before he can quit. 
So if you don't like your outfit, 
Then head down the trail, 
Find a hoss that your saddle will fit. 
But if you get up early 
And catch your own bronc,

Show the boss that you're makin ' a hand;

Mr. Waggoner'll be there
To cover your bets

As long as you ride for his brand."

He said, "The winter I spent 
At the Sixes, 
We had a man at the old Taylor place 
He rode up on some hiders 
A skinnin ' a cow, 
And squared off at them scamps face to 

Now he coulda rode off;
Never looked back, 
But he just wasn't that kind of man. 
We found him in Ash Creek 
Shot all to hell, 
Nocona Joe died for the brand"

We know the old man
Tells a windy or two
Like the one about losing his thumb.
And Nocona was killed
In a bar in Fort Worth 
By the demons in a bottle of rum.

But I got to thinkin ,
'Bout what he had said 
And the more of it I understand. 
The more I believe
We'd be all better off 
If more people would ride for the brand


Ride for the Brand

Red Steagall, Texas Christian University Press, 

Ft. Worth, Texas, 1993.


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